Tensions in Iran are rising


Tensions in Iran are rising

Protests continue in other parts of the country as well.

According to eyewitnesses, protests in the Kurdish city of Mahabad in northwest Iran triggered massive violence. Accordingly, it is said that the police and security forces entered the city with tanks on Saturday evening and opened fire on the demonstrators indiscriminately.

There was also a brief power outage in the city. According to eyewitnesses, many demonstrators were injured here as well.

After days of protests, activists fear a bloody intervention in the city’s demonstrations. Norway-based human rights organization Hengaw said that military forces were dispatched to Mahabad from Urmia in West Azerbaijan province.

Activists report that the Tehran regime is trying to suppress protests in Kurdish areas with bloodshed.Videos shared thousands of times on social media show military convoys advancing through the streets of Mahabad.

Oslo-based human rights organization Hengaw reported that helicopters were constantly flying over the city.Hengaw warned on Saturday that the situation in the Kurdish provincial town of Diwandarreh is critical, with government forces killing at least three civilians.

On Sunday, the organization also expressed concern about the situation in other Kurdish-majority cities, including Bukan and Sales. Protests have been increasing in recent days.

Mahsa Amini’s death sparked protests in Iran for two months.

Amini, 22, died in a Tehran hospital in mid-September after she was arrested and mistreated by the police for allegedly wearing the hijab inappropriately.

Activists blamed the police.Demonstrations continue to increase across the country.

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