The poet Mazlum Çetinkaya, one of the authors of our newspaper, was threatened with death

While they were talking to his lawyer, the writer Mahmut Alinak, over WhatsApp, they were interrupted and asked: “Are you Mazlum Çetinkaya? We’ve been following you for a year.

The person who said he was calling from Amed ended the call by saying, “You will see who we are, your death will be at our hands.”

Çetinkaya, with whom we spoke about the matter, went to the prosecutor’s office and filed a complaint about the incident. Cetinkaya stated that he had no individual enmity with anyone and said, “I am concerned about the safety of my children, my family and myself.” He stated that their phones had been called in the past month but there was no conversation and the last call he received called over the internet with death threats.

Our author, Mazlum Çetinkaya, is a teacher who has been expelled by law. Last month, Çetinkaya also filed a criminal complaint against the authorities after Suleyman Özışık said: “I handed over to the Minister of the Interior a lot of people who had been dismissed by decree, all of whom I appointed were reinstated.”

The poet Çetinkaya, who said he found it thought provoking that he received this threat after the criminal complaint, said, “They want to grit our teeth, they want to cut our tongues and silence the whole country, but we won’t to give up.” the demand for freedom and justice. ”

We condemn all kinds of physical and verbal threats against journalists and writers. We want these threat owners to know that we are / will be with our author Mazlum Çetinkaya.

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