traffic strike in Germany


traffic strike in Germany

The transport will be stopped on Monday

Local public transport throughout Germany will be paralyzed from Monday. Trains, subways, buses don’t run, planes don’t take off nationwide. Verdi and the EVG union have made a dunning decision to increase the pressure on collective bargaining.

In the statement on the strike decision;

The main task of the trade unions is to find resonance with the workers/unemployed. This echo can only be possible by getting out of defense position. Otherwise, the social enthusiasm that paves the way for change by mobilizing the masses to provide the ecological and economic democracy the world needs more each day cannot materialize. The French general strike of 1968 is a good experience and an example.


Capital today, particularly in the capitalist Western countries, uses immigration and immigration to foment competition and foster divisions among workers, using differently colored upper identities within the working class, as we witness every day. As in every period of history…

That is why the unions are the “heart of the working class”. And today, in Germany, that heartbeat is being led by immigrants. Despite their shortcomings, they pump blood into this heart.

Although the wage demand movement initiated by the railway workers (WB) may appear like wage unionism, it should also be seen as a reflection of social and political problems. In short, with the effects of the pandemic crisis and the war between Ukraine and Russia, employers have carried out a mass “massacre” of workers.

Our union EVG has taken a massive and effective action by declaring the “Day of the Transport Strike in Germany” today. He has shown resolutely that he does not want to move away from his demand for a 12 percent or EUR 650 wage increase.

After a long time, our union EVG leads a social enthusiasm among the oppressed in Germany.

Both social developments and employee attitudes show that the trade unions will not compromise on collective agreements.

The German Employers’ Association, on the other hand, calls on our union to “keep calm”.

But the working class does not have to be calm, it has to be a surge of enthusiasm!


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